Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gotta Love Happy Testimonial Emails

July 22, 2010

Hi Jane,

Sorry I didn't write sooner but I wanted to let you know that my eyes healed quickly from the touch up and they look great.

I am very, very happy with my eyeliner and will happily recommend you to any one who wants "facial art".



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jade Monkey has Signage & More

Steve Dutcher Photography - California

Lynn Dao Photography

Is it Permanent?

Is it Permanent? By Jane Adler, CPCP

This is a question, I get asked allot! Here is my simplest answer.

The word permanent means can not be washed off. Permanent makeup is tattooing.

The basic principles of traditional tattooing and cosmetic tattooing have many similarities and are related. However, the face is different than the body. Different colors are used. Meaning pigment not ink in most cases and we use allot tertiary colors. Not straight primary colors that can last allot longer under the skin.

Eyebrows - Highest point of face and exposed to allot sun.

Eyes - Thinnest skin on the face.

Lips - Lip liner holds better because tattooed on skin. The tissue of the lip is a muscle with tremendous blood flow, will fade faster.

Does color fade on the face? Yes! The reality is all color can fade and almost all permanent procedures like cosmetic tattooing, plastic surgery, dental procedures, house paint, car paint, clothing, art, photography, hair color etc, fade over time. The biggest reason for fading with tattooing is the sun and or skin care products that keep us youthful. For example, peels, laser, dermabrasion. Photo facials, glycolic, Retina A, Renova etc. While tattooing on the face we also need to go a bit shallower than the body. This is to prevent skin damage, migration etc. Also the over all health of the skin is a very large factor.

Even in museums they do not allow flash photography. The smallest amount of light can fade wonderful works of art.

The reality is that permanent makeup is permanent. The pigment particle remains under the skin but may fade over time. Touchups range 1 to 10 years. Meaning will vary on an individual basis. The face also exfoliates at a faster rate than the body and is exposed to more sun and products. Also we do not wear clothing over our faces.

Some clients will never fade. Others will need more regular color refreshers. The darker the color the longer it will look fresh. The lighter the color the faster it will fade. I do allot of blonde clients and they do not mind having to come in every 2 to 3 years for an eyebrow refresher. They want a natural look that does not look tattooed or stamped on. Blue stays in the skin the longest and yellow fades the fastest. I have seen eyeliner last for over 20 years and look like it was just done.

In summary this is a permanent procedure. Yes, color refreshers are a reality. Most experience artists have a touch up policy for the original work.

It is very important for us all to educate our clients. My motto is, “a well educated client is a happier client” & “less is more, when it comes to cosmetic tattooing”.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Magic Marge Tattooing July 24th, 2010.

Marge Becerra

I began my apprenticeship in the 1980's.84 or 85ish. I apprenticed under Jim Watson at Peter Tat 2 in phoenix.Then I worked with Jim (Watson) at his shop, Artistic Skin Designs, for many many many years. I began tattooing with single needle work as that was the popular thing at the time. I consider myself to be a versatile artist. If I can draw it I can tattoo it.

I love and always have Japanese traditional. I love any thing that moves or grows i.e.: water, flames, wind, foliage, florals. Give me a good flame job ANY time! I've done portraits, tribal and chrome (don't get ya home baby!). So specialties? Not really. I find I'm attracted to any tattoo I can read from across the room.

My mean other than the beauty that surrounds us called life?! Just kidding. I hate it when artists try to get all artsy. My first influences were and are, Jim Watson of course, Cheryl Forgione, Peter Poulos, the amazing Greg Irons, Paul Jeffries, (Mr..Irons & Mr..Jeffries were the SHIT to me!) Greg Skibo, Madame Lazonga (vyvynn), Mike Malone, Cliff Raven, Jack Rudy and I could keep going but...oh and Ed Hardy (BEFORE the shot glasses and hair straighteners). These people are not just an influence.They were an inspiration. I have been influenced by many of the artists who came through Jim's shop in their beginnings as well.

As an artist one really can be inspired by any one on any day. O.K that is starting to sound kinda 'artsy' so I'm out...peace.

Magic Marge, that's the name.

Tattooing this Saturday at The Jade Monkey in Phoenix 602 331-7286 or email me

Marge Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sad and Happy moment as a family comes together to remember a loved one

Sending love and good thoughts to the Sutherland clan. What a wonderful family. I am sorry for your lose. I was also thrilled to have you all (so many) come get tattooed at the Monkey as a family. To my friend Angela Waters you look amazing and Shea is so pretty and your little one is a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, for letting us share this sad and happy get together with you all. Heal your hearts!

The Jade Monkey Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tattooing Saturday July 24th @ The Jade Monkey

Fun fun fun. I will be tattooing all day at "The Jade Monkey" Saturday July 24th from 1:00 to 9:00. I will be honered to share the day with a very special quest artist. To be anounced once confirmed. Fun! Always there on Sundays by appointment.


Kitty Cats Need a Good Diet!!

FYI and words of wisdom from Dr. Virginia Kennaway, DVM. 602 531-2504. Encanto Mobile Vet. She is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Pay now versus later with emergency vet visit. Kitty cats need real protein and a balanced diet. Look all labels of cat food and kibble. Make sure the first ingredient is an animal protein and not just empty carbs like, Friskies or 9-lives. Kitties can get UTI and bladder problems, easily (especially boys).

Dr. Kennaway likes this brand of food as high end health for kitties.

Kodi's Natural Pet Foods

602 265-0462

They have food for kitties and dogs.

Ps. Keep chocolate way from cats it is toxic.

Rant for the week!

Rant of the week;

People (permanent makeup artists), STOP using camouflage pigment to cover your and others mistakes. It makes all look worse and is not the proper thing to do. So sick of having all these blobs pass my path. If you are not well trained in corrective work, do not so it. If not sound enough to not make mistakes do not be permanent makeup artists. There are no excuses. If you work conservative it should never happen.

You can always go back in to balance stuff, make darker or thicker on another session. It is also ok more often than not to let previous work show through if needed. Grrrrrrrrrrr You cannot white out mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like crap.

Clients are not always right, you showed be the trained one to know what works and does not.

Lady Luck Tattoo Phoenix

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

After Care for Facial Art by Jane


• May be swollen and tender for a few days

• Apply ointment 2 x’s a day for three days only

• Buy new mascara each application

• No contact lenses, no lash curlers or fake lashes until healed

• Eyes can get infected if use too much ointment is used; dust in them, etc. !!

• Clean all debris on eyes with clean wet q-tip


• Apply ointment 2 x’s a day for a week

• Brows and eyes will get darker before they soften!


• Lips you can gently blot and keep lightly moist all day. AVOID salty, greasy and spicy foods and drink through a straw. Do not use any teeth whitening products and try to brush with water only for a few days.

• Lips may feel tight and dry this is normal

• Best to wait 60 days until another lip session is scheduled

• Besides your prescribed oral fever blister medication get new lip stick too

For All Procedures

• Only touch skin with clean hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Exfoliation of residual pigment is normal and will vary on an individual basis

• This is a wound that must heal and it is a process

• DO NOT rub, scratch, pick or peel the healing procedure(s)

• NO sun (real or artifical) until all is healed in a month, then must use sun block

• NO swimming, saunas, hot tubs, salt water or direct shower spray or chemicals during the healing process

• If ointment is an irritant stop using any at all, no antibiotic ointments recommended (Tea Tree Oil, Orange Oil, and Soy Bean Oil). LESS IS MORE!!

• Sleep on clean bedding and understand pigment can stain your linens

All procedures can appear distorted for a few days until all swelling has dissipated. This is all normal; any discrepancies are taken care of on another session if needed.

• Follow all after care instructions. Keep in mind, proper after care and good hygiene is key to a nice clean heal.

If any concerns contact Jane Adler 602 952-7678

• Healing of all tattoos takes 30 to 45 days. Too Dark – Too Light – Just Right

Use the “Wipe on and Wipe Off” technique for all aftercare 

NO makeup on any tattooed are for 72 hours

Tattooing Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

1. Keep bandage on for an hour or less

2. Then clean off any debris with a hot compress or hot water

3. You can use after care but best to do nothing for 24 hours

4. Then use a non fragrant lotion like “Lubriderm” or Curel”!

5. Do not expose a fresh tattoo to sun, soaking in a tub, pool, Jacuzzi or the ocean

6. DO NOT pick at scabs

7. Good hygiene is a must for a good heal and less chance of infection. Sleep on clean sheets and not good ones as it can stain your linens, Avoid dirt, friction, dust, grime, etc.

8. If there is any sign of infection call your artist or seek medical attention!

9. Some redness or itchiness is normal!

Tipping will make your tattoo heal better

Do not let friends touch your tattoo while healing. Be aware of things that can cause MRSA or Staph!

Tattoos heal in three stages; Too bright – Too light – Just right. This can take up to 45 days

Plastic Surgery in Arizona

Banner Arizona Medical Clinic
Michael N. Desvigne MD, FACS
9165 W Thunderbird Rd, #210
Peoria, AZ. 85381

Cosmetic Consultant;

Fausta can help you with all your plastic surgery questions and areola tattooing with Jane

623 523-6552

It is ok to say NO!

Is it ok to say, No", to a client? Yes!

Reality bites and sometimes you have to pull the plug. A client has had too many cooks in the kitchen doing their permanent makeup and there is nothing you can do to over worked skin. Plus a client with unrealistic expectations on a dream outcome is a red flag. Just say , "No".

Monday, July 12, 2010


All permanent makeup done at Facial Art by Jane

All tattooing done at The Jade Monkey



As a tattooer that was born to do this I feel respect is huge. I believe in working within your skill level, scope of practice and with respect to our counter partners. I feel that if you do permanent makeup you cannot just start tattooing and if a tattooer you can not just do permanent makeup. It takes a separate set of skills and mind set. See ya on facebook

As a cross over tattooer that does both it takes years of dedication and practice. With all do respect it should only be done if 110% dedicated to both art forms. If not please refer to your peers that are better qualified. Respect our industry as a whole and tell all to never ever go to scratchiers! It cheapens the serious artists and craft.

Should be posted in all tattoo shops

Here is my thoughts:

I think all tattoo shops should post this signage.

1. This is Real Time not TV time.

2. We cannot do anything in 10 minutes.

3. The more you ask how long it will take the longer it will take.

4. If you listen to friends and family over me, I charge double.

5. Tattoos question.

You must be 18 to be tattooed. If you have been to a home whanna a be tattooer and want us to fix it, take out a loan now. If you arrive for your tattoo appointment under the influence have some respect at go home NOW. No tattoos for you!


Hello, Jane!

I was in your office a little over a week ago .... XXXXXX..... and you worked on both of my lower lids to correct thick eyeliner from someone else. I don't know, exactly, what you did, but the scabs fell off yesterday and I am SO THRILLED. You did a remarkable job and I will be forever thankful!! For several years I was afraid to let anyone touch my eyes and over the years many other permanent cosmetic technicians told me there was "no way" to thin the eyeliner. I was also told that they could use a color of ink that would match my natural shade and try to hide some of the black ink. Still others told me that they could fix my eyeliner by making them all the same thickness. While that would not have been what I wanted I would have at least felt much better having even eyeliner instead of four different eyeliner widths : ) .

Today was the first time in six years I woke up and knew that sometime soon you would have my eyeliner even, and thin. I, literally, cried! I never thought it would be possible. I am so thankful I found you and even more thankful that you are so remarkable at what you do. For six years I have been so upset about my eyes and now I have something to look forward to every day.

I will NEVER be able to thank you enough!! I can't wait until my eyeliner is perfect. When this is all said and done I want to write a testimonial for you. I want to include everything you did as well as all the time you devoted to me and my eyes. I am so EXCITED about my appointment in May!

Thank you .... SO MUCH!


SPCP Convention - 2010 Las Vegas

SPCP 2010 Convention Comments

Jane Adler, CPCP, brought to us “Silent but Mighty – A Study of the Manual Method.” When you see Jane in action, she has such a relaxed mannerism; you may not at first realize how everything she does is with brilliant purpose. She’s a perfect example of how the “Silent but Mighty” truly does influence our industry. However, those of you who know her realize she’ll kick your booty if she thinks you are making mistakes on cleanliness or workplace protocol. She’s truly passionate about her craft and the industry. Thank you Jane for showing us that it’s not the machine but the artist behind the tool that makes the difference. I find it insightful to be exposed to a technique that differs from my own. SPCP

What will happen at my appointment?

What Happens at “Facial Art” by Jane?

Look for an artist with at least 5 years working experience, strong portfolio and clean work environment. Be sure they can answer all questions and do not make unreal promises.

Each individual canvas dictates the out come combined with the skill of the cosmetic tattoo artist. It is also important to see proof of current “BBP” training. That is annual Blood Borne Pathogen training to stay current with all safety, clean protocol and OSHA standards.

Properly done permanent makeup is an enchantment of ones natural features. It should never be trendy, too bold or out of safe protocol boundaries. A skilled artist will understand this. Working in the safe zones of the face is also crucial to how all work will age and move properly with each persons bone structure as they mature. Long term results will vary and color refreshers will range from 1 to 10 years.

Once Jane’s client all touch work is done at a reduced rate over the years. This does not apply to new clients to Jane with previous work done by another. Meaning once Jane does the new work then it applies. It is important to be honest with Jane on all paper work and be clear if have had any recent peels, laser work or fillers done to your face. Yes, Botox is filler. Ohhhh self tanners too!! Does it hurt? Yes! But Jane will do all she can to keep you comfortable and feel very safe. All clients must wait 45 days before they can get their follow up if needed. Skin must heal and go through the natural healing process. The second session would be to fine tune any discrepancies and is very common.

This is a process! Too Dark – Too Light – Just Right

1. Arrive at schedule time and do all paper work required. Everyone must be over 18 and have valid ID. Should be well hydrated, clean, eaten a nice meal and in comfortable clothing. Please no contact lenses (bring glasses), fake lashes, eye or lip liner topical makeup prior to procedures.

2. Consult wishes and go over all paper work, etc.

3. Take Before Pictures

4. If getting brows or lips done to the design chair, then Jane will design your makeup to naturally compliment your bone structure

5. Prep client and produce a single service tray set up. Each tray set up is for that individual and when finished all is disposed of and no supplies are ever re-used.

6. Quiet down time and Jane will explain each step as it happens. No chit chat at this time. Each procedure has its own set of rules

7. Do procedure

8. Dispose of all tray set. All sharps are disposed of separately in a properly labeled container. All needles are pre-sterilized prior to use with EO.

9. Take After Picture

10. Review After Care

11. Pay for procedure (any specials would be on main page of website if being offered)

12. Schedule or discuss follow up procedure protocol

Happy Healing!

Permanent Make Up
Client Entrance Exam – Facial Art By Jane

1. Can I get tattooed with sunburn? Yes or No

2. Can I get tattooed after a chemical peel or if on Accutane? Yes or No

3. Can I go home after my cosmetic tattoo and go swimming and sun bath? Yes or No

4. How long after getting tattooed can I swim or tan? ____________________

5. Should I need to wear sunscreen, once healed? Yes or No

6. Can a lather skin care all over my fresh brows if has glycolic acid in it? Yes or No

7. Can I eat greasy food and whiten my teeth after a lip tattoo? Yes or No

8. Does my tattoo (s) need to heal and the skin be respected. Is good hygiene important?
Yes or No

9. Is it ok to freak out with in first 72 hours if there is any shape distortion? Yes or No

10. Will my color possibly go from too dark, to too light to just right? Yes or

No Permanent Make Up Entrance Exam – Facial Art By Jane – Answer Sheet

1. Can I get tattooed with sunburn? No

2. Can I get tattooed after a chemical peel or if on Accutane? No

3. Can I go home after my cosmetic tattoo and go swimming and sun bath? No

4. How long after getting tattooed can I swim or tan? Best wait until all done with sessions and or at least 3 weeks

5. Should I need to wear sunscreen, once healed? Yes

6. Can a lather skin care all over my fresh brows if has glycolic acid in it? No

7. Can I eat greasy food and whiten my teeth after a lip tattoo? No

8. Does my tattoo (s) need to heal and the skin be respected. Is good hygiene important? Yes

9. Is it ok to freak out with in first 72 hours if there is any shape distortion? No

10. Will my color possibly go from too dark, to too light to just right? Yes

Print Name: ____________________
Date: ___________
Score: _______________________

Jane Adler