Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Some recent Yelp Reviews

Jane saved my life! I have had blond, clear, light , (barely there) eyebrows and was drawing them on as i have got to my mid 20s. With eyebrows really never being shaped or (there at all) ; I had no idea how to apply them and had people laughing in my face when I had a bad "brow day". It was a constant worry and trying to perfect it wasn't cutting it. I would become so irritated when they would be messed up or i just looked like half a mo-mo with unwanted expressions on my face. I had done research for years and had saw the Soft tap method in a beauty school I toured one time. I had dreamed of doing permanent eyebrows and or eyeliner my whole life and went on a search and the results? I fortunately found Jane.

The process was pretty painless overall, the only thing that hurt was the plucking feeling from the soft tap tool, which was just slight discomfort. She shaped my eyebrows perfectly and made them stand out so my eyes look brighter and framed. I am so happy with the results that i have been back the past 4 years for brows and eyeliner. The eyeliner looked so beautiful and natural. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to go to Jane and completely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about permanent makeup.

Jane is very real and knows what looks good. She is SOLID! So skilled , you would be missing out by going to someone else or continue "painting" and plucking your own brows.  Visit her website and set up a consult, I'm confident you will end up booking the appointment!

I have been seeing Jane for all my permanent makeup needs for 4 years now.  Jane is an amazingly talented artist. She has a professional office with everything sanitized and super clean. She has great hospitality  I have always felt welcome going to her.  If you're looking for a professional for makeup doing softap this is who you should see.

My first and only complaint: why didn't I do this sooner?!

Jane did an amazing job with my eyebrows and I hope she posts before/after pics of them for people to see! I waited the full month after she did them to make sure they healed as good as they started, and they look even better! I seriously couldn't be happier. Thanks Jane for changing my life!

Jane is an absolute treasure!

I chose Jane to go to, to have my lips 'touched up', after doing quite a bit of research looking for 'the one' I wanted to work on my face (a pretty big deal, right?!).  I had had my lips fully tattooed probably at least 15 years ago and it was time for a 'refresh'.  I wasn't sure if I should do the full lip again, or just the liner.  Jane, being so experienced and knowledgeable and skilled in her art, did not feel the full lip would be the thing to do, due to the way my initial tattooing was done (by another artist) all those years ago, so we went for the liner.  I was interested in making my lips more symmetrical, and also the border was beginning to dissipate, so we needed to define them as well.

This lady is an artist in the fullest sense of the word ... she's amazing.  She took plenty of time to 'assess the canvas', so to speak, chose the perfect shade for me, drew the most perfect pair of lips for ME, walked me through (and held my hand - metaphorically - when necessary), the entire process as we went.  She did everything she could to ensure my comfort, both physically and mentally, she warned me when the procedure might be a bit sensitive, was patient and kind and ... I couldn't have asked for a better experience or result.

Jane is a one of a kind, a gem, an artist and an expert in her craft.  She, as I said earlier, is a treasure.  One that I am really, really happy and thankful that I found.

I will be going back and referring all my friends ..

I love my eyeliner!  The color is perfect; soft and natural. My 5-minute makeup routine now only takes 2 minutes!
This was my first experience with permanent makeup, so I was a little nervous; however, Jane's calm & professional manner quickly put me at ease.  She's a true artist and #1 in my book!

Jane is a miracle worker! I am Italian with olive skin and dark hair, but somehow was given light eyebrows!! So I've colored, drawn and powdered on my eyebrows for almost 15 years... Until now! I had my eyebrows done by Jane in January, and cannot be happier with the results. It's amazing to wake up in the morning and have perfect eyebrows. She will do a test draw on you before the tattoo to make sure you are happy with the arch and look of the brows, then the entire process takes about 20-30 min an eyebrow. Jane takes so much pride in her work and it shows. Literally so pleased with the results and I tell everyone to come here! You will not be disappointed.

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