Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shout Out Delete Laser

Go see Barbara Go at Delete laser for anything u may need! 

Delete Laser
6020 N 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016
602 343-6355

Our offices will be networking!  Jane

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With Love From A Tattoo Artisit

With Love From A Tattoo Artist

·      This is real time not TV time!  Nothing can be done in 5 minutes!

·      If you do not care about your health and quality of work, I am not your gal!

·      If you do not take of your tattoo and follow proper hygiene, it does not mean I screwed up!

·      Yes it hurts!

·      Listen to my advise I am the expert not your friends and family or internet! 

·      Please do not tell me how to do my job unless you have over 20 years of tattooing under your belt!

·      Your friends, cousins, doorman, student that tat with a gun are fricken stupid arrogant assholes!

·      Hepatitis kills!  Never get tattooed in a kitchen or hotel room, etc!  Have respect for yourself!

·      If you will pay $300.00 for a new pair of shoes or purse you can afford the best on your face and body!

·      I do not care if you know someone that will tattoo a pregnant woman or a minor!  I WILL NOT!

·      The more you ask me how long this will take, I promise it will take longer!

·      No shows are rude and do not value my art!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012