Monday, July 12, 2010

What will happen at my appointment?

What Happens at “Facial Art” by Jane?

Look for an artist with at least 5 years working experience, strong portfolio and clean work environment. Be sure they can answer all questions and do not make unreal promises.

Each individual canvas dictates the out come combined with the skill of the cosmetic tattoo artist. It is also important to see proof of current “BBP” training. That is annual Blood Borne Pathogen training to stay current with all safety, clean protocol and OSHA standards.

Properly done permanent makeup is an enchantment of ones natural features. It should never be trendy, too bold or out of safe protocol boundaries. A skilled artist will understand this. Working in the safe zones of the face is also crucial to how all work will age and move properly with each persons bone structure as they mature. Long term results will vary and color refreshers will range from 1 to 10 years.

Once Jane’s client all touch work is done at a reduced rate over the years. This does not apply to new clients to Jane with previous work done by another. Meaning once Jane does the new work then it applies. It is important to be honest with Jane on all paper work and be clear if have had any recent peels, laser work or fillers done to your face. Yes, Botox is filler. Ohhhh self tanners too!! Does it hurt? Yes! But Jane will do all she can to keep you comfortable and feel very safe. All clients must wait 45 days before they can get their follow up if needed. Skin must heal and go through the natural healing process. The second session would be to fine tune any discrepancies and is very common.

This is a process! Too Dark – Too Light – Just Right

1. Arrive at schedule time and do all paper work required. Everyone must be over 18 and have valid ID. Should be well hydrated, clean, eaten a nice meal and in comfortable clothing. Please no contact lenses (bring glasses), fake lashes, eye or lip liner topical makeup prior to procedures.

2. Consult wishes and go over all paper work, etc.

3. Take Before Pictures

4. If getting brows or lips done to the design chair, then Jane will design your makeup to naturally compliment your bone structure

5. Prep client and produce a single service tray set up. Each tray set up is for that individual and when finished all is disposed of and no supplies are ever re-used.

6. Quiet down time and Jane will explain each step as it happens. No chit chat at this time. Each procedure has its own set of rules

7. Do procedure

8. Dispose of all tray set. All sharps are disposed of separately in a properly labeled container. All needles are pre-sterilized prior to use with EO.

9. Take After Picture

10. Review After Care

11. Pay for procedure (any specials would be on main page of website if being offered)

12. Schedule or discuss follow up procedure protocol

Happy Healing!

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