Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it Permanent?

Is it Permanent? By Jane Adler, CPCP

This is a question, I get asked allot! Here is my simplest answer.

The word permanent means can not be washed off. Permanent makeup is tattooing.

The basic principles of traditional tattooing and cosmetic tattooing have many similarities and are related. However, the face is different than the body. Different colors are used. Meaning pigment not ink in most cases and we use allot tertiary colors. Not straight primary colors that can last allot longer under the skin.

Eyebrows - Highest point of face and exposed to allot sun.

Eyes - Thinnest skin on the face.

Lips - Lip liner holds better because tattooed on skin. The tissue of the lip is a muscle with tremendous blood flow, will fade faster.

Does color fade on the face? Yes! The reality is all color can fade and almost all permanent procedures like cosmetic tattooing, plastic surgery, dental procedures, house paint, car paint, clothing, art, photography, hair color etc, fade over time. The biggest reason for fading with tattooing is the sun and or skin care products that keep us youthful. For example, peels, laser, dermabrasion. Photo facials, glycolic, Retina A, Renova etc. While tattooing on the face we also need to go a bit shallower than the body. This is to prevent skin damage, migration etc. Also the over all health of the skin is a very large factor.

Even in museums they do not allow flash photography. The smallest amount of light can fade wonderful works of art.

The reality is that permanent makeup is permanent. The pigment particle remains under the skin but may fade over time. Touchups range 1 to 10 years. Meaning will vary on an individual basis. The face also exfoliates at a faster rate than the body and is exposed to more sun and products. Also we do not wear clothing over our faces.

Some clients will never fade. Others will need more regular color refreshers. The darker the color the longer it will look fresh. The lighter the color the faster it will fade. I do allot of blonde clients and they do not mind having to come in every 2 to 3 years for an eyebrow refresher. They want a natural look that does not look tattooed or stamped on. Blue stays in the skin the longest and yellow fades the fastest. I have seen eyeliner last for over 20 years and look like it was just done.

In summary this is a permanent procedure. Yes, color refreshers are a reality. Most experience artists have a touch up policy for the original work.

It is very important for us all to educate our clients. My motto is, “a well educated client is a happier client” & “less is more, when it comes to cosmetic tattooing”.

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