Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rant for the week!

Rant of the week;

People (permanent makeup artists), STOP using camouflage pigment to cover your and others mistakes. It makes all look worse and is not the proper thing to do. So sick of having all these blobs pass my path. If you are not well trained in corrective work, do not so it. If not sound enough to not make mistakes do not be permanent makeup artists. There are no excuses. If you work conservative it should never happen.

You can always go back in to balance stuff, make darker or thicker on another session. It is also ok more often than not to let previous work show through if needed. Grrrrrrrrrrr You cannot white out mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like crap.

Clients are not always right, you showed be the trained one to know what works and does not.

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