Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

After Care for Facial Art by Jane


• May be swollen and tender for a few days

• Apply ointment 2 x’s a day for three days only

• Buy new mascara each application

• No contact lenses, no lash curlers or fake lashes until healed

• Eyes can get infected if use too much ointment is used; dust in them, etc. !!

• Clean all debris on eyes with clean wet q-tip


• Apply ointment 2 x’s a day for a week

• Brows and eyes will get darker before they soften!


• Lips you can gently blot and keep lightly moist all day. AVOID salty, greasy and spicy foods and drink through a straw. Do not use any teeth whitening products and try to brush with water only for a few days.

• Lips may feel tight and dry this is normal

• Best to wait 60 days until another lip session is scheduled

• Besides your prescribed oral fever blister medication get new lip stick too

For All Procedures

• Only touch skin with clean hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Exfoliation of residual pigment is normal and will vary on an individual basis

• This is a wound that must heal and it is a process

• DO NOT rub, scratch, pick or peel the healing procedure(s)

• NO sun (real or artifical) until all is healed in a month, then must use sun block

• NO swimming, saunas, hot tubs, salt water or direct shower spray or chemicals during the healing process

• If ointment is an irritant stop using any at all, no antibiotic ointments recommended (Tea Tree Oil, Orange Oil, and Soy Bean Oil). LESS IS MORE!!

• Sleep on clean bedding and understand pigment can stain your linens

All procedures can appear distorted for a few days until all swelling has dissipated. This is all normal; any discrepancies are taken care of on another session if needed.

• Follow all after care instructions. Keep in mind, proper after care and good hygiene is key to a nice clean heal.

If any concerns contact Jane Adler 602 952-7678

• Healing of all tattoos takes 30 to 45 days. Too Dark – Too Light – Just Right

Use the “Wipe on and Wipe Off” technique for all aftercare 

NO makeup on any tattooed are for 72 hours

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