Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Magic Marge Tattooing July 24th, 2010.

Marge Becerra

I began my apprenticeship in the 1980's.84 or 85ish. I apprenticed under Jim Watson at Peter Tat 2 in phoenix.Then I worked with Jim (Watson) at his shop, Artistic Skin Designs, for many many many years. I began tattooing with single needle work as that was the popular thing at the time. I consider myself to be a versatile artist. If I can draw it I can tattoo it.

I love and always have Japanese traditional. I love any thing that moves or grows i.e.: water, flames, wind, foliage, florals. Give me a good flame job ANY time! I've done portraits, tribal and chrome (don't get ya home baby!). So specialties? Not really. I find I'm attracted to any tattoo I can read from across the room.

My mean other than the beauty that surrounds us called life?! Just kidding. I hate it when artists try to get all artsy. My first influences were and are, Jim Watson of course, Cheryl Forgione, Peter Poulos, the amazing Greg Irons, Paul Jeffries, (Mr..Irons & Mr..Jeffries were the SHIT to me!) Greg Skibo, Madame Lazonga (vyvynn), Mike Malone, Cliff Raven, Jack Rudy and I could keep going but...oh and Ed Hardy (BEFORE the shot glasses and hair straighteners). These people are not just an influence.They were an inspiration. I have been influenced by many of the artists who came through Jim's shop in their beginnings as well.

As an artist one really can be inspired by any one on any day. O.K that is starting to sound kinda 'artsy' so I'm out...peace.

Magic Marge, that's the name.

Tattooing this Saturday at The Jade Monkey in Phoenix 602 331-7286 or email me

Marge Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

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