Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Tattoo...In addition to consent

My Tattoo

Full Name; ____________________________________

Date: _________________________________________

Treating your new tattoo and skin with respect to proper hygiene is crucial to a clean heal. Please DO NOT; go in the sun, tanning bed, use fake n bake, swim, soak in a tub or use a hot tub, until healed. Please use sun screen once healed too.

During healing of your tattoo it is a wound. Be very careful of anything that could contaminate the area. Things like soiled sheets, clothing, and furniture can cause infection, Staph or MRSA. Also keep in mind, if skin comes in contact with dirty hands, nails, pets, grime, friction, dirt etc. KEEP YOUR SKIN CLEAN.

None of these things can happen while getting your tattoo with Jane Adler. Why not? Because all implements, colors, etc used during your tattoo are single service and all tools are pre-sterilized and also single use. However, it can the second you leave my presence,

Do not listen to friends or family during healing and follow all written instructions to the best of your ability. If any sign of infection occurs seek medical treatment. Redness and swelling post tattoo is normal. So is flaking and itching during the healing process.

Allergic reaction can happen with any traditional tattoo. Often triggered by a photo sensitive reaction to sun exposure. Even with a patch color test only a medical professional can confirm any reaction. Often times it is sensitivity to after care. Please avoid all antibiotic ointments. You agree to continue with your tattoo understanding a long term reaction can happen even though rare and Jane Adler is not liable.

You authorize Jane Adler to take a picture of your tattoo and she may us in portfolio or other. All faces are cropped for client privacy.

You have disclosed any medical conditions that would cause a stronger chance of being prone to infection like heart issues, diabetes, etc. You are also NOT on Accutane. Must be off Accutane for 1 year until any tattoo work can be done. If prone to fainting please inform Jane Adler and only get tattooed if have eaten a good meal and are not under the influence. You cannot be pregnant or breast feeding and get tattooed.

All the above has been read and understood by the above client. You are also over 18.


Jane Adler

**Tipping your artist will also help your tattoo heal better**

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